Research clusters

​Research clusters at Nordsjællands Hospital, University of Copenhagen

Nordsjællands Hospital has the ambition to be recognized as a hospital with clinical relevant research.

To optimize use of competences and resources and to elevate synergies, Nordsjællands Hospital established in 2016 an organization of the research milieus into interdisciplinary research clusters. The four clusters focus on: 'Diabetes and Vascular Disease', 'Infection and Inflammation', 'Perioperative Care', and 'Women, Child, Adolescent'.

The research clusters reinforces the research infrastructure and ensures research of high quality for the benefit of the patients.

Each cluster has established a steering committee, prepared a white book with visions, short and long term goals, competences and a plan for future projects and activities. The researchers meet regularly in the clusters to discuss common interests and to foster and find finance for their cluster projects.

Information about research and development activities at Nordsjællands Hospital: Publication and Researchplatform (PURE) 


Professor Thea Kølsen Fishcer, Head of Research

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences: