Emergency services

​Practical information about what to do and who to contact in case of emergency, or if you are looking for information about emergency care.​

Ill? Injured? Call 1813​

1813 is the emergency line in The Capital Region of Denmark. 1813 is staffed by physicians and nurses who are able to guide you to proper and quick help and assistance when your GP is closed. 
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​If you need help outside of your GP´s normal hours, please dial 1813. Physicians and nurses will over the phone advise you about proper treatment. For example, they can refer you to a hospital emergency department or an urgent care center.

112 - emergency line

Always dial 112 in the event of life threatening illness or injury. Speak slowly and distinctly. State telephone number and address. Emergency calls from public pay phones are free. 

Non-D​anish mobile phone services​

If you are using a mobile phone service based outside Denmark, please remember to use Denmark’s country code +45 before dialing​ 1813.​ 


Nordsjællands Hospital - Hillerød 

Akutmodtagelsen (Hospital Emergency Ward)
Dyrehavevej 29
Indgang 04
3400 Hillerød
Open: 24-hour
Call 1813 before arriving

Nordsjællands Hospital - Frederikssund 

Akutklinikken (Emergency Clinic)
Frederikssundvej 30
3600 Frederikssund
Call 1813 before arriving

Sundhedshuset Helsingør 

Akutklinikken (Emergency Clinic)
Murergade 5
3000 Helsingør
Call 1813 before arriving

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