About Nordsjællands Hospital

​Nordsjællands Hospital includes hospitals in Frederikssund and Hillerød, along with the Healthcare Centre in Helsingør, and comes under the overall healthcare provision of the Capital Region of Denmark. 

Health Care​

Health care in Denmark is largely financed through local (regional and municipal) taxation. Denmark has 5.4 million inhabitants and spends 9.8% of GDP on healthcare.

There are 5 regions in Denmark. The regions provide healthcare, mental healthcare, regional development and research.

The Capital Region

The Capital Region has 1.6 million inhabitants, employs 36.000 people – mainly health care professionals – making it one of the largest employers in Denmark

Nordsjællands Hospital

Nordsjællands Hospital is one of four acute hospitals in The Capital Region. Nordsjællands Hospital:

  • delivers medical services for app. 378.000 citizens in Greater Copenhagen
  • is a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
  • designs a brand new hospital for the citizens with opening in 2024.

Facts and annual ratios

  • 3.900 competent employees
  • 120.000 emergency room visits
  • 75.000 admissions and 364.000 outpatient visits
  • 4.000 births
  • A hospital budget on 2.3 billion DKK (348 million USD).

In 2024 we will be opening the 'patients' hospital'. Through vision and innovative approaches to care, design and service the new hospital will become a future reference work. Read more about the new hospital here.

​More information

You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in knowing more about the hospital:

Mail: noh.nordsjaellands-hospital@regionh.dk. The mail should not be used to share sensitive information.

Post: Nordsjællands Hospital, Dyrehavevej 29, 3400 Hillerød​

Telephone (+45) 48 29 48 29​​.