Changes for pregnant women

From the 27th of april, you have to use the entrance 50B at Helsevej 2, if you have to see the midwifery office 'Jordemoderkonsultation'. When you enter the building, there will be signs.

If you are going for ultrasound scan, you are welcome to bring one adult companion.

You have to be aware:

  • At check in you walk in yourself while your partner waits outside the hospital
  • When you are called in, you call your partner and inform which room number you are at
  • After your visit your partner should wait outside while you book a new time at our reception
Keep an eye on our web site as things can change.

Midwifery visits and medical consultations continue without relatives.

​About the corona situation in relation to pregnancy, childbirth and maternity care

In March 2020, the Danish Health Authority published national recommendations regarding the handling of COVID-19 in regard to pregnancy, giving birth, early postnatal care as well as in regard to the partner and new-born child. You are advised to follow the Danish Health Authority advice on good hand hygiene and limit contact with other people outside your household. 

Click here to find information from The Danish Health Authority on the COVID-19 

Click here to find the entire recommendations during the childbearing period from The Danish Health Authority (in Danish) 

Antenatal care

From the 27th of april, you have to use the entrance 50B at Helsevej 2, if you have to see the midwifery office 'Jordemoderkonsultation'. When you enter the building, there will be signs.
Midwife visits and consultations/examinations without partner/relative attendance.

Your individual midwife visits  and all appointments with an obstetrician are maintained as scheduled, but without partner/relative attendance. You are required to turn up alone for any of your outpatient antenatal appointments. This means you can NOT bring your partner or any relatives. This applies to the midwife consultations, any obstetrical visits, any oral glucose tests or any visits to the antenatal emergency unit 'Akutmodtagelsen for Gravide'.

Only in special situations your partner/relative, provided he/she is well and without any risk / symptoms of a COVID-19 infection, may participate in the consultation, if this has been explicitly agreed upon with the staff in advance. In these special cases your partner/ relative must wait outside the hospital that is not in the waiting room until your checkup/examination starts.  

Children are not allowed to participate due to the current corona-situation.

In case of illness

If you, as a pregnant woman, get ill or experience COVID-19 symptoms, you must contact your general practitioner or call the emergency phone 'Akuttelefonen' tel. 1813.

If urgently you need to consult a midwife about your pregnancy e.g. if you experience pain, vaginal bleeding, preterm contractions, less foetal movement than usual or you have other pregnancy related concerns you must always call the antenatal emergency unit 'Akutmodtagelsen for Gravide' tel. 48 29 37 56. 

When you are in the early stages of labour AND you suspect you are infected with COVID-19

If you have symptoms or are diagnosed with COVID-19 when you experience the first signs of labour with either contractions and/or your water breaks, please call the labour ward immediately at tel. 4829 3741

If your partner has symptoms or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, unfortunately it is not possible for the partner to attend the delivery. If your partner is ill or has symptoms of COVID-19 another well and healthy relative may attend the delivery.

Induction of labour, delivery and early postnatal care

If neither you nor your partner shows any symptoms of COVID-19 or has no positive COVID-19 test, your pregnancy, childbirth and early postnatal period will proceed as usual.

 If your partner is well and without any risk / symptoms of a COVID-19 infection, your partner is very welcome to attend the delivery. 

Children are not allowed to participate or visit due to the current corona-situation.

Home birth - the service starts again June 1. 2020

The regional home birth service has been suspended during the current corona-situation. This means that we cannot provide midwifery assistance in your home. You and your partner must come for the delivery at the maternity ward at Nordsjællands Hospital in Hillerød. Cancellation of all home births in the Capital Region is a consequence of the additional corona precautions we are taking regarding all deliveries, in order to maintain extra hygiene precautions for you and your baby's safety as well as to protect the midwives.

Early postnatal care

We continue to offer early postnatal care in your home in the days following delivery. The maternity midwife will call you on the day prior to his home visit and appointment with you.