How pregnancy, childbirth and maternity care is affected by the corona situation

If you are going for an ultrasound scan, a midwifery or an obstetric consultation, you are welcome to bring along one adult companion. Children cannot attend.

Keep an eye on our website as things can change according to the corona situation.

​About the corona situation in relation to pregnancy, childbirth and maternity care

One adult relative may now take part in the pregnancy consultations

Your partner or another adult relative may participate in the midwifery visits, ultrasonic scans and obstetric consultations. Children cannot attend.

However, we still need to maintain distance not least in our waiting areas, and therefore pregnant women must continue to come without relatives when having the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT).

Children cannot attend the outpatient visits

Children are not allowed to attend or visit the hospital.

Upon admission for delivery or induction of labour, your partner or one other adult relative may participate.

Virtual antenatal classes

Our antenatal classes have so far been cancelled to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infections.  

Please join instead our virtual antenatal classes

If you get sick with coronasymptoms

If you become ill / experience symptoms of COVID-19 as a pregnant woman, you must consult your general practitioner or call the emergency telephone 1813.

If you urgently need to talk to a midwife about your pregnancy, for example, if you experience pain, vaginal bleeding, preterm labour, decreasing foetal movements or other concerns, then please call the Emergency unit for Pregnant women (Akut Modtagelse for Gravide) at 48 29 37 56. 

If you are in early labour AND suspect of infection with COVID-19

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 when you are in early labour with either contractions or your water has broken, please call the maternity unit immediately at tel. 48 29 37 41 in order for us to make corona-safe arrangements for your arrival and the delivery.   

Unfortunately, if your partner has symptoms or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, it is not possible to attend the birth. If your partner is ill or has symptoms, you can bring another healthy adult companion to attend the delivery.

Induction of labour, delivery and maternity care

If neither you as the pregnant woman nor your partner have symptoms of COVID-19 nor none of you have tested positive for COVID-19, then the pregnancy, the delivery and the maternity care will take place as usual.

If your partner is healthy, without the risk of being infected / without symptoms of COVID-19, then your partner is welcome to attend the delivery. 

Children are not allowed to attend or visit the hospital.

Maternity care at home

We continue to offer follow-up visits at your home in the days following a normal delivery. The maternity midwife will call you on the day of the planned home visit. She will inquire to the family's well-being and as to what time will be agreeable to visit you.